Friday, July 11, 2014

Origami Geometrical Jewelry Set

Another simple origami jewelry set. Glaze is given to make it more shiny.

Paper Plate and Flower Disk

I was told to make this type of earrings. First, I was very apprehensive because this kind of jewelry is not my style. After toying with many ideas this came out. Hope people like it.


Paper Quilling Diamond Set (FAH0116)

This is a simple paper quilling set. I have tried to give it shining like diamond.

Paper Quilling Set (FAH0111)

I was trying to this combination for a long time finally it came out well.

Free Form Quilling - Paper Quilling Dome Set

This is another "Free Form Quilling" set which I have made. Hope you like it.

Free Form Quilling - Paper Quilling Set

Another of my "Free Form Quilling" project this time I have given some twist to the leaf and here it is.

Paper Punch Disk Jewelry Set (FAH)

This kind of project are made out of metal. I tried it with paper. I have cut some paper using my punch and then molded it into this form. To make it more decorative, some beads are also added.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Handmade Jewelry - Paper Punch Disk Earrings

I have seen some message earrings. So here is my few version of message earrings. I'll be making more of it in near future.

Handmade Jewelry - Paper Quilling Flower Pot Earrings (FAH192)

This is just a simple attempt to make a flower pot earrings. It didn't come out beautifully. I'll be making some of it in future.

Free Form Quilling - Paper Quilling Jhumka (FAH196)

I have been busy with my other projects therefore didn't get time to update my blog. However now I have decided to update my blog.I made this jhumka for special occassion. It is a beehive quilling with a little twist. First I made the jhumka with using two color then I decided why not make it in multi color so it can be wearable on lots of dress. Hope you like it.