Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Paper Punch Flower Rings

These flowers are made by using punch. I have made rings out of it.

Paper Cone Flower Rings

Previously I made some earrings using this technique. This time I have made some rings.

Candy Wrap Style Finger Rings

Long back I made this ring with brochure and simple newspaper. This time I have used color paper and given the finish ring a little but shine to make it more water resists.

Paper Quilling Finger Rings

These rings are made using simple quilling strips.

Origami Paper Finger Rings.

I normally don't make any finger ring. But this time on my customer request I have made a few. The following rings are simple origami wreath rings.

Handmade Jewelry - Paper Punch Flower Jewelry Set (FAH251)

More new necklace from paper punch flowers.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Free Form Quilling - Half Curve and Oval Jewelry Set

Another jewelry from "Free Form Quilling" collections. Previously, I made the same jewelry with big piece but this time I have made those piece a little small. You can see this amazing transformation. Doesn't it look good....

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Paper Punch Stud Earrings

For these studs, I have punched cardboard and color papers. I have given it some shiny effect to make it look like glass. These are my favorite studs. 

Paper Flower Punch Jewelry Set

These flower punch necklace and earrings sells like hot cake. I have made so many that I needed some break. 

Paper Quilling Earrings - New Designs.

I have made some new designs for earrings