Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Copper Wire Twisted Cone Jewelry

I have made these jewelry using copper wire. For the rope I have used viking knit techniqe. Pendant is simple wire wrap with a little twist.

I get copper wire with insulation. I want to remove it, but so far, haven't found a simple trick. I burn the wire on fire (gas stove) it eats away the copper coated insulation but leaves black shoot. Then I have to immerse it in vinegar. It cleans some shoot but my wire still needs cleaning. Then I have to scrub it with steel wool wire. Its a little bit easy to scrub thick wire. But my thin wire (26 gauge wire) becomes weak after burning process. And it becomes difficult to scrub.

I found a tip which says to mix caustic soda some salt into the water and then heat it. Then dip the wire into it. Its will remove copper insulation. But I don't know something is going wrong and my wire insulation isn't going.

Please if someone knows a simple method to remove the insulation, then please share that tip with me.

Real Beads Jewelry

I have made these jewelry using real beads.

New Paper Punch Studs

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