Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Mini Hand Shredder Paper Shredder

Hi all.
For me the most boring and time consuming task was to cut the quilling strips. And after lots of care, still my strips were not uniform. I was looking for a mini hand paper shredder. But it was not available in my country. After some wait they come in my country but were very expensive.

I was regularly searching for a good deal and finally my wish come to be fulfilled. This shredder was available at ebay. This seller was from by own country and shipping cost was also minimum. Therefore, I immediately bought this shredder and now very happy about it. Now, I cut my strips uniformly and in less time.


  1. Hi fah,

    Enjoy..does it has adjustable widths?

  2. Thank you Sathya. This shredder comes with fixed widths.